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Automotive Manufacturing

Grandview APM eliminates unscheduled maintenance?


No Downtime, anytime

Real-time health monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance reduces risk and cost, eliminating unscheduled downtime for auto makers and their suuply chain.

Failure to monitor your equipment 24/7 leads to poor factory wide insights and costly equipment failures

Downtime due to unscheduled maintenance has a huge, negative impact on manufacturing productivity.  Gartner estimates machine downtime can cost as much as $300,000 per minute.  To avoid costly downtime, manufacturers rely on Aidentyx’s real-time, intelligent health monitoring and predictive maintenance solution, which monitors equipment and processes, detects faults in production and predicts when equipment will fail.

Result:  Quality uptime and immense cost savings for auto manufacturers and their suppliers.

Inefficient maintenance scheduling and high part replacement costs leads to plant wide ineffective and low productivity

Aidentyx solves asset  performance with intelligent A.I. manufacturing solutions that connect millions of data across factory engineering systems, equipment, and processes. This creates real-time, actionable insights. Powerful A.I. enabled predictive analytics then discover patterns and recommend solutions to the many production issues that arise in the plant throughout the day, involving users, equipment, processes, streaming sensor data.  Smart applications that evaluate machine and process performance, gather predictive analytical insights to eliminate downtime due to equipment or parts failure.

Automotive manufacturers turn to

Aidentyx’s real-time, manufacturing AI  solutions to improve production efficiencies. Over the past ten years, the auto industry has been embracing increased automation on the shop floor adopting data management and analytics solutions as a means to improving plant operations and overall manufacturing productivity. lloT and Al is accelerating this trend. For instance, Aidentyx’s innovative GrandView APM solutions help auto manufacturers identify problems in production and sound the alarm before they happen. Innovative predictive maintenance applications can even predict when high value components will stop operating. These same solutions can predict the remaining using life of equipment helping auto customers reduce downtime, improve equipment utilization and reduce costs

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