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Downtime due to unscheduled maintenance

has a huge, negative impact on auto manufacturing productivity.  Gartner estimates machine downtime can cost as much as $300,000 per minute.  To avoid costly downtime, auto manufacturers rely on Aidentyx APM.


Aidentyx APM’s real-time, asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance solution monitors equipment and processes around the clock, detecting faults in production and even predicting when equipment will fail. This creates real-time, actionable insights. Powerful A.I. enabled predictive analytics then discovers patterns and recommend pre-emptive solutions to an array of production issues that arise in the plant throughout the day.  Connecting these predictions to the manufacturers CMMS creates a closed loop system from alarm to action without any stoppage time in between.


Maintaining machine health with AI analytics enables constant uptime and more efficient maintenance management creating immense cost savings for manufacturers and their suppliers.

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