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BISTelligence Spins Out Dedicated AI Analytics Company, Aidentyx

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

U.S. Company’s Game Changing Asset Performance Management Technology Serves as Catalyst for AI Company and Team Focused on Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation

January 27, 2022- Santa Clara, California – BISTelligence, a leading provider of manufacturing AI solutions and services for digital transformation in manufacturing announced today that it has spun out its AI analytics division to create a new U.S. manufacturing AI analytics company called Aidentyx. Aidentyx will drive the adoption of the company’s innovative GrandView asset performance management (APM) technology for industrial manufacturing sectors, a domain in which it has specialized for 21 years. The Aidentyx spin-out includes key personnel and operational assets as well as its innovative GrandView® APM technology developed and commercialized over the past three and a half years.

Enabling Industry 4.0 Through Manufacturing AI

Enabling Industry 4.0 is the term applied to the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector, often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. Digital transformation (DT) sees a convergence of cyber and physical worlds. Recognizing the immense value of this convergence across the organization is key to unlocking a trove of data that leads to actionable insights which better connect people, processes, and technologies. Among other things, these new insights vastly improve operational efficiency, eliminate machine downtime, and improve supply chain effectiveness. Transformative technologies like AI based APM systems are having a massive impact on manufacturing organizations re-shaping operations and significantly increasing performance.

About the Aidentyx Spin-out

The Aidentyx spin-out builds on 21 years of manufacturing domain expertise gained through BISTel and later BISTelligence, each company having excelled in delivering intelligent manufacturing applications for the most complex and highly automated production environment – semiconductor manufacturing. As a result, Aidentyx is ideally positioned to now help enable rapid, digital transformation of industrial manufacturing sectors in much the same way that it helped enable greater degrees of automation and insights through data analytics in semiconductors. DT is still in its infancy, though adoption is accelerating at a rapid pace as manufacturers recognize the value in their data and the payoff from DT adoption. Market estimates predict that the APM sector alone, which Aidentyx serves, will experience a compound annual growth grow rate (CAGR) of more than 16 percent through 2030, making for a $250 billion market.

According to W.K. Choi, CEO of BISTelligence “The creation of Aidentyx will allow it to focus exclusively on delivering value to industrial manufacturers in much the same way we have done for semiconductor manufacturers for more than 20 years.” Mr. Choi will serve as Chairman of the Board at Aidentyx.

Creating the Asset Data-centric Environment Drives DT Adoption

According to Jason Sangyoul Kim, Vice President and GM of Aidentyx, “Manufacturers derive the greatest benefit from digital transformation through the creation of and the commitment to an asset data-centric environment.” Chief among these obstacles is machine downtime. “With APM solutions like GrandView®, we reduce downtime, which causes massive disruptions and leads to yield problems, diminishes asset reliability, and erodes profits,” added Kim.

By fast-tracking a continuous improvement program with GrandView APM, the payoff for manufacturers is huge: extended asset life, reduced machine maintenance costs, and an improvement in the overall health and performance of the factory and its assets. For industrial manufacturers, including auto, chemicals, oil and gas, logistics, and industrial sectors, the opportunity is transformational. The result is greatly empowered engineers, increased product quality, reduced risk of downtime, all of which represent a major step toward true smart manufacturing.

Increasing Asset Reliability Through AI

A fully integrated, Industry 4.0 solution like GrandView APM combines asset performance management and artificial intelligence (AI) specific to manufacturing. The company’s second generation APM system was launched last year. It is already gaining traction in the market because of its scalability and seamless data integration with legacy systems. GrandView’s core framework includes an array of smart manufacturing applications. This includes equipment health monitoring and anomaly detection, an RUL (remaining useful life) predictive analytics application and automated workflow orders that connect with legacy systems to achieve a fully-automated equipment health monitoring and asset performance system. An equipment health index monitors the health and performance of assets 24/7, alerting engineers when issues arise in a predictive, pre-emptive manner versus the reactionary approach of traditional systems.

“Aidentyx is like any other start-up, with a proven team, domain expertise, and a highly differentiated GrandView APM product that is already proven in the marketplace. The new company’s focus will enable it to accelerate deployment as industrial manufacturers accelerate digital transformation programs,” stated Stewart Chalmers, Vice President of Corporate Development at Aidentyx.

Data Visualization Provides Insights Across the Organization

Whether you are an operator, engineer, or executive, GrandView® APM integrates seamlessly with factory data management systems to provide an intuitive, meaningful, remote data visualization experience for engineers, operators, and executives across the organization. GrandView AI analytics creates actionable insights into the health of factory assets that leads to continuous improvement.

About the Company

Aidentyx is a leading provider of asset performance management (APM) solutions for smart manufacturing. Through its proprietary manufacturing AI and IIoT technologies Aidentyx mitigates risk by improving asset reliability and predicting issues before they occur, even extending the life of valuable equipment and other assets. Aidentyx helps customers reduce machine downtime, increase asset utilization, and achieve significant production and engineering efficiencies across the factory. It’s unique asset health index and AI predictive analytics technology also enables users to generate an RUL (remaining useful life) prediction, pinpointing when assets will fail. Users easily connect the GrandView APM prediction to their plant’s CMMS, EAM, MES, or ERP systems, automatically generating a work order scan to order parts and perform maintenance in a highly automated manner, minimizing or even eliminating system downtime. Aidentyx leverages 21 years of domain expertise in high-tech and industrial manufacturing sectors. Based in San Jose, CA, Aidentyx has partners and operations throughout the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. For more information visit



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