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The Benefits of Real-time Condition Monitoring for Vacuum Pumps in Semiconductor Sub-fabs

Updated: Jan 24

In the semiconductor industry, reliability and efficiency are paramount. Equipment such as vacuum pumps, abatement systems, and chillers are vital to semiconductor sub-fab operations. Aidentyx’s software solutions can help ensure that such critical equipment runs optimally. 

The Impact of Sub-fab Equipment Failures 

Sub-fab equipment failures pose a significant threat to production, leading to costly repercussions such as wafer scrap losses, equipment downtime, and escalating servicing expenditures. Beyond these direct financial hits, the potential of incurring costs due to  non-delivery looms large. 

For example, sub-fab equipment such as vacuum pumps support critical manufacturing processes, including wafer etching, deposition, and lithography. These processes generate various materials, dust, and debris that can cause vacuum pumps to malfunction. Each downtime event caused by a faulty vacuum pump could result in wafer scrap worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in a batch process (e.g.: a wafer that is worth $10K in a 25-wafer lot would be worth $250K total). The same is true with productivity, as every hour of equipment downtime is an hour that you are not in production. With tool recovery time, this could translate into potentially days of being idle for those affected production chambers.  

Real-time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

With real-time condition monitoring in the sub-fab, engineers can continuously monitor equipment status, proactively identify maintenance needs before unexpected failures arise, and bring predictability to maintenance demands. As opposed to being only reactive, this proactive approach allows for adequate preparation, and the mitigation of technical challenges before they become unmanageable, resulting in a significant reduction in repair times and production interruptions. 

Along with AI-driven analytics, not only do manufactures have access to equipment health in real-time, but they also gain the ability to predict and prevent impending sub-fab equipment failures that can lead to unexpected production stoppages. This allows them to optimize maintenance schedules, extend the utilization of critical sub-fab equipment, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.


Sub-fab analytics removes unpredictability from sub-fab operations, resulting in vast new insights coupled with tangible operational costs reductions:  reduced wafer scrap, reduced parts replacement costs, reduced service costs, and reduced downtime.

Real-time condition monitoring is a well-established practice in cleanroom operations, and its adoption in the sub-fab is beginning to be recognized for its effectiveness in tackling maintenance issues and reducing downtime. Aidentyx's real-time monitoring and AI data analytics solutions are at the forefront of this shift, offering advanced technologies that enable continuous and detailed monitoring of sub-fab equipment. These technologies provide ongoing, real-time insights into equipment’s performance, key health indicators, and early signs of potential malfunctions, which in turn allow manufacturers to extend equipment utilization, reduce costs, improve ROI, and keep business operating efficiently.

To learn more about the possibilities of real-time condition monitoring and how you can incorporate this technology into your business, visit our solutions page at or reach out at!



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