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Rechargeable Battery

How do rechargeable battery manufacturers unlock the full value of their data?


Answer 1
Deliver data driven decision making to operational technology (OT)

Operationalizing analysis and production insights begins with automated data cleaning, collection and contextualization tools critical to building real-time, data modeling. For most rechargeable battery manufacturers, 75 percent of the time is spent here with only 25 percent of the time left for the value add - analytics and insights. As a 20-year domain expert,  Aidentyx optimizes analytics for greater visibility and insights into asset performance. GrandView APM is  designed to handle rechargeable battery manufacturing’s unique data and equipment system’s needs. A.I. data analysis tools enable battery manufacturers to perform seamless data modeling and contextualization.

Answer 2
Operationalize analysis and insights to visualize meaningful results to the user on the floor or in the office

Evaluating how manufacturers will consume the analysis is key to success. Aidentyx’s visualization showcases dashboards or user interfaces for the various manufacturing audiences that use the data. Operators, engineers, and factory managers all have different needs.  Aidentyx A.I. offers insights that address each user’s needs in a way that is meaningful and does not include insights they find irrelevant. Real-time monitoring, advanced A.I. data analysis and predictive analytics turn equipment, sensor, and component data into action that drives yield and operational improvements.

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