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Semiconductor Sub Fab Operations

Smart semiconductor sub fab operations a reality

Image by Maxence Pira

Creating Smart Sub Fab Operations

Semiconductor chipmakers use advanced monitoring, process control and data analysis solutions to optimize production fab operations, similarly, these same companies are now looking to the sub fab to gain new insights that in turn can yield substantial production efficiencies. Today, sub-fab operations greatly impact production. 

For example,  vacuum pumps failure cause unplanned downtime and other disruptions. 

Pump failure during wafer production is expensive and can impact overall yield. 

Aidentyx solutions enable smart pumps that provide real-time data and insights about pump performance, health and can predict when maintenance should occur. 

  • Increase real-time visibility into the health of your sub fab assets 24/7. 

  • Detect anomalies early 

  • Predict disruptions and need maintenance to avoid downtime


Real-time asset health monitoring, data collection and AI analytics collects, analyzes asset data in the sub fab to maintain constant uptime

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