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WEBINAR: AI-based Asset Performance Management Boosts Industrial Manufacturing Improvement

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

In this webinar we will show a fully integrated, Industry 4.0 solution that combines Asset Performance Management and Artificial Intelligence specific to manufacturing, eliminates equipment downtime, extends the life of valuable assets, and reduces servicing costs.

Digital transformation of the manufacturing sector is still in its infancy, though adoption is picking up rapidly with the APM sector alone expected to grow at 16%+ CAGR between now and 2030. In this webinar, we will explain the value of an asset data-centric environment, including a discussion of case studies to describe how GrandView® APM overcomes common manufacturing obstacles to achieve continuous improvement.

Seamless data integration, an RUL (remaining useful life) prediction mechanism, and automated workflow orders that connect with legacy systems are just three of the innovations that are covered in this webinar. It is already helping industrial manufacturers yield substantial benefits across the production ecosystem. This includes extending asset life, reducing equipment maintenance costs, and eliminating system downtime.

Whether you are an operator, engineer, or executive, GrandView® APM also integrates seamlessly with factory data management systems to provide the ultimate data visualization experience. The webinar explains how GrandView AI analytics generates actionable insights into the health of factory assets that lead to continuous improvement.


SPEAKERS: Stewart Chalmers, Vice President of Business Development, BISTelligence

Joe Lee, Global Product Engineering Director, BISTelligence

This webinar is moderated by Renee Bassett, Chief Editor for


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