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Manufacturing Embraces Digital Transformation

Across industrial, high tech, automotive, pharma, energy, logistics, and semiconductor sub-fab manufacturing environments, the proliferation of IloT and the advent of Al is driving the rapid digitization of factories. These technologies and enabling solutions unlock a wealth of new intelligence and insights for manufacturers, allowing them to transform plant operations, increase engineering productivity, and take manufacturing efficiencies to a new level.

  • Smart semiconductor sub-fab operation is now a reality

    Semiconductor chipmakers use advanced monitoring, process control, and data analysis solutions to optimize production fab operations.  Similarly, these same companies are now looking to the sub-fab to gain new insights that in turn can yield substantial production efficiencies. Today, sub-fab operations greatly impact production.


    For example, vacuum pump failures cause unplanned downtime and other disruptions. Pump failure during wafer production is expensive and can impact overall yield. Aidentyx solutions enable smart pumps that provide real-time data and insights about pump performance to:

    • Increase real-time visibility into the health of sub-fab assets 24/7

    • Detect anomalies early 

    • Predict disruptions and needed maintenance to avoid downtime in the cleanroom

  • Automotive manufacturers turn to Aidentyx’s real-time, manufacturing AI solutions to improve production efficiencies

    Downtime due to unscheduled maintenance has a huge, negative impact on manufacturing productivity.  Gartner estimates machine downtime can cost as much as $300,000 per minute.  Over the past ten years, the auto industry has been embracing increased automation on the shop floor, adopting data management and analytics solutions as a means to improving plant operations and overall manufacturing productivity. lloT and AI is accelerating this trend. Aidentyx solves asset performance issues with intelligent AI manufacturing solutions that connect millions of data points across factory engineering systems, equipment, and processes. This creates real-time, actionable insights through smart applications that evaluate machine and process performance, gather predictive analytical insights, and transmit reports and alerts to eliminate downtime due to equipment or part failures.

  • How do rechargeable battery manufacturers unlock the full value of their data?

    Operationalizing analysis and production insights begin with automated data collection, cleaning, and contextualization using applications that provide critical real-time data modeling. For rechargeable battery manufacturers, an average of 75% of this process is spent data gathering, with only 25% spent on analytics and insights (the value-add component).  As a 20-year domain expert, Aidentyx optimizes analytics for greater visibility and insights into asset performance. Our solutions are designed to handle rechargeable battery manufacturing’s unique data and equipment systems needs. AI data analysis tools enable battery manufacturers to perform seamless data modeling and contextualization.

  • Industry 4.0 helps food & beverage manufacturers mitigate risk 

    Data-driven plants are the key to reducing risk, reducing batch loss, and increasing the performance of food processing manufacturers.

    AI predictive analytics alone cuts asset downtime in half, and reduces equipment maintenance costs by more than 20 percent. IoT-enabled AI real-time data detection and analytics produce actionable insights that enhance operations by improving product quality, minimizing batch loss, and reducing asset maintenance and replacement costs, thus improving business performance. Aidentyx smart applications access and gather information from equipment (mixers, agitators, furnaces, etc.) and processes, and consolidates data from formerly siloed environments across the plant to create new insights that are key to achieving manufacturing excellence. Real-time data produces intelligence that delivers products to market faster, with less risk, and made by equipment that lasts longer.

  • Advanced analytics deliver uninterrupted high-quality water to consumers

    Public water services play a critical part in the lives of billions of people worldwide who rely on clean water for their daily well-being. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of clean water to their communities, the water industry turns to Aidentyx for managing the performance of their most critical assets, the pumps and pump systems. By leveraging the advanced analytics provided by the GrandView solution, engineers at water treatment plants can now have access to insights on the health of their pumps in real-time, and predictive information that allows them to service these assets at the most optimal time.  By going from scheduled manually driven vibration routes to a system that can automatically and continuously monitor the system, operation efficiency and time-to-repair are significantly improved. The result: no unexpected downtime events, allowing the uninterrupted supply of clean, safe drinking water to communities.

  • Getting packages delivered on time every time

    The growth of e-commerce in the last decade, especially during the pandemic years, has put tremendous pressure on the logistics industry to not only expand capacities to handle the ever-increasing volume of packages, but also to create more efficient operations.  At each facility, assets such as motors and drives are critical to operations, driving miles of conveyors to ensure packages are routed to the right places in a timely manner. To make sure these critical assets are operating at top performance, companies use Aidentyx’s advanced analytics to monitor and assess their health, detecting abnormalities in behaviors, and eliminating unexpected failures. This allows for the maximum utilization of maintenance schedules, streamlining of workflows, and prevention of catastrophic downtime events. This, in turn, allows businesses to maintain their customer satisfaction by guaranteeing delivery to customers on time every time.


Together we can
transform your business

Together we can
transform your business

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