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About Us

World Leading Asset Performance Management Solutions

Downtime is costly, it hurts profits, impacts product quality and reduces customer satisfaction. Today, our people, our services, and our manufacturing AI analytics solutions are committed to keeping equipment and factories operating at peak performance by creating an asset data centric environment that creates actionable insights for greater machine health and unparalleled efficiency

Customer Focused, Manufacturing Expertise Needed to Realize Industry 4.0  

Industry 4.0 is in full swing.  For some it’s a revolution, for us its an evolution in our 21-year journey helping our customers to achieve excellence in manufacturing. Today, our manufacturing AI analytics solutions use the power of IIoT, Ai and cloud  technologies, combined with innovative smart manufacturing applications to create leading-edge Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions that solves manufacturing biggest challenges.

21 Years in the Making


Comprehensive Solutions

Today, Aidentyx offers a wide range of smart manufacturing APM products and services. These includes AI data collection, fault monitoring, predictive data analytics solutions and services designed specifically for the industrial manufacturing ecosystem. Through Aidentyx’s APM solutions and services, the company enables customers to increase factory and asset performance connecting people, processes, and equipment to ensure continuous optimization.

Global Reach

Aidentyx is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Aidentyx AI solutions and consulting services empower engineers and generate significant insights to eliminate unscheduled production stoppages caused by machine failures. By integrating the latest cloud, AI and IIoT technologies with highly differentiated AI applications and mAI services, Aidentyx helps manufacturers achieve continuous optimization of plant and asset operations everywhere. For more information visit



W.K Choi - CEO & Founder

 Executive VP & GMJason Kim

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James Na - Chief Product Officer (CPO)

 Chief Research Officer (CRO)WeiDong Wang

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Stewart Chalmers - VP, Corporate Development

 VP, Product Marketing - Joe Lee

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