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From the CEO to the factory floor and all points in between, our cloud-enabled platform provides access to relevant and insightful information through dashboards that are designed for usability and convenience.  Whether you are an executive looking for plantwide status or a maintenance engineer troubleshooting a production issue, every detail of your facility is at your fingertips.

Information anytime anywhere

Global Visibility

Our Products

Getting the Right Insights
at the Right Time

Our manufacturing AI analytics solutions use the power of IIoT, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud technologies, combined with innovative smart manufacturing applications to create leading-edge Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions that solve manufacturing’s biggest challenges.

Our solutions are designed with advanced features to empower engineers and generate significant insights needed to eliminate unscheduled production stoppages caused by machine failures.

Designed for the production environment, the advanced Podo® framework provides a common data platform for analytic applications of all types (now and in the future) to meet your production needs. This is the key to achieving digital transformation by creating an asset data-centric environment.

Digitally transform your manufacturing environment with a scalable and future-proof platform

Our powerful platform can connect seamlessly to a variety of data from any sources within your production environment. Whether it is IOT sensor measurements or process performance data, you are sure to get a 360-degree view of your production health in real-time.

Seamless connectivity to diverse data sources

Flexible Framework

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, our solution continuously assesses the health of each monitored asset 24/7 to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate health status in real-time. No more digging through charts and trying to make sense of disparate sensor data!

Knowing is half the battle!

Detect any issues related to equipment performance changes utilizing AI-driven and self-optimizing detection models.  Get early notification of impending issues to reduce time-to-repair and eliminate catastrophic downtime.

Actionable insights for continuous improvement


Our solution includes an embedded work order feature, as well as the ability to connect to enterprise maintenance systems, to allow engineers to seamlessly schedule and trace maintenance/repair activities for a closed-loop predictive maintenance workflow. This vastly increases service efficiency and extends the life of your assets.

End-to-end Asset Performance Management

Workflow Automation

Together we can
transform your business


Together we can
transform your business

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