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Aidentyx Wins "Best AI Solution" Award at The Reliability Conference

Continuing the scheduled events at The RELIABILITY Conference, the Solutions Awards took place on Tuesday, May 14th. These awards honor and recognize organizations that have implemented exceptional solutions in asset management. Hosted annually by, the conference gathers experts in reliability and top-managed companies to achieve their business objectives. This includes enhancing commercial operations, safety, and environmental sustainability. This year, the international event was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Seattle, Washington., which resumed The RELIABILITY Conference after a brief hiatus, has established it as a pivotal event for the international reliability and asset management community. It connects people, knowledge, technology, and experiences from reliability professionals, providing direct learning opportunities through workshops, keynotes, rapid-talk sessions, speeches, certifications, and extensive networking with global leaders in reliability.

The mission of The RELIABILITY Conference (TRC) is to create opportunities that promote safety, sustainability, and success in the workplace, aligned with organizational goals. The participation of prominent figures in reliability attracts many attendees, making the conference a premier event.

The Solutions Awards spotlight the role of emerging technologies in advancing the culture of reliability and accelerating organizational goals in a safer and more effective manner. Award winners gain significant benefits, including positive exposure, promotion on the conference website and social media, and enhanced brand recognition. Winning an award at this ceremony provides a substantial boost to both the organization and the professionals behind the achievement.

"Everything we do aims to engage as many organizations as possible and professionals worldwide in the culture of reliability and asset management. This is how we envision a safer and better world, filled with opportunities for everyone," said Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO & Publisher of, who attended the Solutions Awards ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Maura Abad, Global Relationships Leader, and Dave Reiber, CRL trainer and speaker at

2024 Solution Award Winners:

  1. Best Asset Condition Management Solution- Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence: "We are incredibly proud to receive the Best Asset Condition Management Solution award for HxGN EAM. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that manage asset lifecycles efficiently," said a company spokesperson. "This award motivates us to continue our work in digital transformation and smart change in global businesses."

  2. Best AI Solution- Aidentyx: "Accepting this award is a tremendous honor for our team, reflecting our dedication to advancing AI in manufacturing," remarked the team at Aidentyx. "This recognition reinforces our commitment to optimize processes and drive innovation in the industry."

  3. Best Operator Driven Maintenance Solution- IFS Ultimo: "We are thrilled to have won the Award for Best Operator Driven Maintenance Solution," said IFS Ultimo. "Our approach not only provides a comprehensive EAM solution but also involves operators in simple maintenance activities, enhancing knowledge transfer and increasing efficiency and profitability—a win-win for everyone involved."

Find the official announcement here:


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