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Aidentyx and Lavorro Announce Strategic Collaboration

Smart-fab Leader Unites Virtual Assistant Platform and Award-winning AI Analytics Applications Framework for Tool Uptime, Engineering Augmentation, and Efficiency Enhancement, Fab-wide

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 26, 2024 –Semiconductor AI Virtual Assistant leader Lavorro announced today a strategic partnership with Aidentyx – a leading supplier of AI-powered, asset performance management (APM) analytics solutions for smart sub-fab, high-technology and industrial manufacturing. 


The Lavorro and Aidentyx partnership delivers digital transformation through engineering augmentation and factory-wide tool performance optimization. Constant uptime of critical assets in the semiconductor cleanroom, sub-fab, and facility-wide is achieved by leveraging cross-tool and cross-sub-system data sets. With Lavorro’s™ and™, customers leverage AI Virtual Assistant and the AI/ML framework to augment engineering efficiency and author AI/ML applications rapidly for greater fab-wide tool performance, and uptime. A patented virtual assistant software called Lucy combines with Aidentyx’s GrandView™ APM framework to offer customers access to expert content, real-time and historical equipment data that leverages natural language queries, and custom data dashboards.


GrandView is a “2024 Best AI Solution” award recipient.  Its predictive analytics applications focus on equipment health and process optimization by predicting potential failures and degradation events before they occur. This helps to mitigate the risk of costly downtime and reduces overall maintenance and operational costs while maximizing productivity.


“Combining Aidentyx’s deep applications, and predictive analytics applications with our fab and tool Virtual Assistant platform offers customers and engineers greater insights to help ensure constant tool uptime, and collaborative problem solving that improves overall equipment productivity and efficiency enhancement in the semiconductor fab as well as adjacent manufacturing industries” commented Ankush Oberoi, CEO of Lavorro.


“We are pleased to collaborate with Lavorro,” said Jason Kim, CEO of Aidentyx.  “Our combined data-driven equipment engineering and analytics solutions help our semiconductor and adjacent manufacturing customers improve data integration, optimization, and automation of critical plant-wide assets.”  This offers engineers greater real-time insights into tool health and performance, achieving significant efficiencies, and cost savings factory wide,” he added. 


About Lavorro

Founded in 2020, Lavorro is a pioneer in delivering patented semiconductor tools and fab Virtual Assistant solutions that mitigate the risk of fab tool downtime and augment the engineering workforce, which costs the semiconductor industry billions of dollars annually.  Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Lavorro is led by domain experts in semiconductor design, manufacturing and in-fab yield and process management and tool operations. To learn more, visit Lavorro.


About Aidentyx

Aidentyx is a leading provider of AI-powered data analytics and asset performance management (APM) solutions for high technology and industrial smart manufacturing. GrandView’s patented predictive analytics applications framework provides major insights for continuous improvement. Aidentyx solutions mitigate the risk of downtime events by predicting issues before they occur.  As a result, Aidentyx helps customers achieve constant uptime of critical assets, increases asset utilization, and achieves significant production, engineering, and cost efficiencies across the factory. For more information visit Aidentyx.


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Chief Business Officer

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