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AI-based Asset Management: Fast-track Continuous Improvement for Pharma, Automotive, and More

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

A fully-integrated, Industry 4.0 solution that combines Asset Performance Management and artificial intelligence algorithms specific to manufacturing can eliminate equipment downtime, extend the life of assets, and reduce servicing costs.

This webinar, sponsored by BISTel and, uses case studies to describe how GrandView® APM overcomes common manufacturing obstacles to achieve continuous improvement. An RUL (remaining useful life) prediction mechanism and automated work orders that connect with legacy systems are just two of the innovations already helping industrial pump manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and others.


In this 60-minute webinar, Stewart Chalmers, VP of Business Development, and Joe Lee, Global Product Engineering Director will demonstrate how GrandView® helps engineers guard against issues that harm yield, and predict production and equipment issues before they occur. Whether you are an operator, engineer, or executive, GrandView® APM seamlessly integrates with all factory data management systems to provide the ultimate data visualization experience. GrandView® creates actionable insights into the health of factory, assets that leads to continuous improvement throughout the factory and eliminates equipment downtime.



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